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We are currently seeking applicants for Director of Faith Formation. 

See description below.  

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Director of Faith Formation

Position Descripition for Director of Faith Formation

     To facilitate and coordinate a framework for the Christian journey of infants, children, youth and families. This position will be guided by the Union Congragaitonal Church, United Church of Christ vision and mission statement, and work in collaboration with the Pastor, the Faith Formation Ministry team, Sunday's Cool teachers, music directors and office administrator.  The individual in this position must embrace a progressive theology and be committed to generating enthusiasm around Faith Formation with children, youth and families, and have a passion for this work throughout their term.  


The position is from August 1st through May 31st at approximately 1/2 time, and June 1st through July 31st at approximately 1/8 time (to total 1/2 time for the year.  The annual Salary is 26,000 paid over 12 months.  Vacation is two weeks per year.  Continuing Education Days include 5 to 7 days per year. Wider Church Events are required as designated.  

For a full Position Description, contact the church office at churchoffice@elkriverucc.org or 763-441-1203.