Green Policy

Union Congregational Church, United Church of Christ is committed to being Earthwise. We provide recycling stations for your use, as well as a compost receptacle.


  • Union Church does not purchase bottled water. We ask that those using our space also look at alternative ways to provide water to their guests. Clear glass pitchers are available for you to use to serve water or cold beverages.

  • Use paper plates or real dishware. NO PLASTIC OR STYROFOAM dishware

  • Use real utensils: No plastic or disposable utensils.

  • Compost organic material including soiled paper products, pizza boxes, coffee grounds and filters, food, napkins, paper plates and cups, etc. (A compost bin is provided.)

  • Recycle aluminum, glass, cardboard and plastic. (A recycling bin is provided.)

  • The church can provide you with compostable cups which are made to hold hot liquid. Please mention your need for these when filling out your contract so the cost can be calculated into your rental.



Union Congregational Church is a member of the United Church of Christ (UCC). 

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Without a doubt, we are called to places of brokenness and suffering in this world, whether in our neighborhood or across the globe. 



Every Sunday: 10:00am

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