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Pastor's Response

A Reflection on This Week's News by Rev. Sheri Nelson

Normally, it is my goal to offer hope and encouragement through my call as a pastor. We have so many griefs and pains in our everyday lives that many of us need relief, even for a moment. So that is what I try to give.

However, this week I was struck by a news report that the United States of America has had 39 mass shootings this year... and January is not over. I am dumbstruck with this number. It makes one wonder what the rest of the year might look like.


It is not my wish to go into the politics behind this. However, I will say that we must implore our government officials on both sides of the table to do more to protect our children, change the gun-owning mentality, and make mental health care not only affordable for all, but a priority for our nation. 


Until then, we, as people of faith, must unite in prayer for the easement of grief left behind in the wake of this violence. May we listen to the wails of those injured and those who have lost their loved one. May we find a place of mercy and compassion for the mental state of each of these perpetrators. May we be ignited to speak to the causes of such violent actions. And may we always act out of love to help all humanity find peace. In this we pray. Amen.


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