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Together, we are creating a celebrating, covenanting, affirming, justice seeking faith community that inspires people to unite and create a peaceful, loving world.


About Us

is an Open and Affirming, Earthwise, Progressive Christian Congregation nestled in the quiet streets of historic downtown Elk River. We welcome into our community all people of every age, race, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, economic and social status, ability, faith background, and family structure. No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here.

It is our deep hope that all who join us will be drawn closer to God, find strength and meaning in their lives, and discover mutually supportive friends in Christ.


We are committed to hearing God's ancient story anew in our lives and in the world today. We are seekers who are open to mystery, questions and fresh perspectives. Faith is a lifetime journey and open-hearted education guides our way.  

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Pastor's Response

A Response to the earthquake in Turkey and Syria by Rev. Sheri Nelson

While the Earth does what the Earth does, human life can be impacted within seconds. Sometimes we are lucky enough to get a warning, such as with tornadoes, hurricanes, and even tsunamis. However, technology has not progressed enough to predict far in advance for evacuations when it comes to earthquakes. 

Let us pause and hold those affected by not one, but two earthquakes in Turkey that have taken the lives of no less than 1500 children, mothers, fathers, and friends.Let us hold the grief of those who have lost their loved ones, find themselves without a home, and are living with the fear that comes with every aftershock. As people of faith, let us offer peace and support for our siblings in crisis. Amen. 


Join us For Worship!

Worship is at the heart of our life together!  It is a time to celebrate God's presence in our lives. Everyone is welcome to participate in worship by reading scripture and prayers, providing music, creating artistic spaces and helping with communion. Join us in-person or live on Facebook!  We also invite all to join us anytime by watching the previously filmed services below.​  Throughout the year, we also offer special worship services to celebrate Holy Days, vigils, remembrances, and gatherings with our wider Faith Community.

Every Sunday morning at 10:00!
In-person or live on Facebook.

Know someone with memory loss?


  • Encourages community

  • Allows caregiver to relax

  • Breaks isolation

  • Stimulates memories and conversations

  • Provides enjoyable art-making at skill level

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